Archive of Massachusetts ENvironmental Data

Collection of environmental regulatory data and analysis focused on water policy in Massachusetts

EPA Massachusetts EJSCREEN data

Data source

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides a tabulated environmental justice (EJ) dataset and mapping tool called EJSCREEN. The EJSCREEN dataset consists of information across a variety of environmental indicators like stream toxicity, demographic indicators like the percentage of residents reporting membership in a racial minority group, and EJ indexes like ozone pollution levels for each US Census block group. This data originates from the US Census, EPA, and other sources.

The US EPA provides extensive documentation and a description of limitations and caveats for this data on their website.

The US EPA makes the tabulated EJSCREEN data available on an FTP site. The 2017 version of these records have been filtered to MA Census block groups and archived on this site, last updated on 25 April 2018.

A data dictionary for the EJSCREEN data is avaiable at

Download archive

In addition to including this data in the integrated AMEND Database, we provide them in CSV format below.

  • 2017 US EPA EJSCREEN data for MA CSV format
  • 2017 US EPA EJSCREEN technical documentation PDF format

Data table: 2017 MA EJSCREEN Data

For brevity, a random sample of 10 rows from the enforcement table is shown below for illustration as to the table’s form and content. Because there are more than 100 columns in this dataset, only a few are shown here for illustration.

Block Group ID State Ozone Racial Minority Pct Land Area
250277221003 MA 37.8088383333 0.028872848417500003 45204329.0
250138138022 MA 38.2267083333 0.024140012069999998 27852900.0
250173213004 MA 37.0208433333 0.101217656012 3671066.0
250138019011 MA 37.58204 0.9139966273190001 201738.0
250277307005 MA 37.7366483333 0.06275579809 406508.0
250092526014 MA 37.2194716667 0.07798833819239999 885094.0
250138101003 MA 37.8932533333 0.010582010582000001 2818355.0
250214011001 MA 35.0603316667 0.190200210748 2442286.0
250250612001 MA 35.0952366667 0.12899050906 1276243.0
250199504001 MA 40.7377033333 0.0691823899371 6292229.0