Archive of Massachusetts ENvironmental Data

Website and analysis code for AMEND, the Archive of Massachusetts Environmental Data

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AMEND: Archive of Massachusetts ENvironmental Data

The Archive of Massachusetts ENvironmental Data (AMEND) is a collection of environmental regulatory data and analysis focused on enhancing the use of evidence and accountability for water policy in Massachusetts.


AMEND unifies information from a variety of governmental and public sources into an integrated database that is permanently archived at this site. You can even query the database directly in your browser.

Open access

All data, code for data gathering and cleaning, code for analysis, and web development associated with AMEND is completely open source and free to access from this site and our associated GitHub repository. The data is collected from official government and other public domain sources.


AMEND includes a constantly-growing list of datasets such as:

  • MA state budget information
  • MA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) staffing records
  • MA DEP regulatory enforcement actions
  • MA 2011 combined sewer overflow (CSO) discharge data
  • US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Environmental Justice (EJ) community data
  • US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 1 NPDES permits
  • US Census and Social Security Administration population and wage data


Through a series of living analysis documents that help readers explore, interpret, and add context to the AMEND data archive, this site is meant to enable and promote further analysis of the environmental protection and regulatory policy in Massachusetts.