Archive of Massachusetts ENvironmental Data

Collection of environmental regulatory data and analysis focused on water policy in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection staffing data

Data source

MA Department of Environmental Protection staff records dating back to 2004 are available on the VisibleGovernment. These records have been archived on this site, last updated on 24 April 2018.

Additionally, the MA office of the Comptroller of the Commonwealth provides staffing data for each department. This data is more detailed than the VisibleGovernment records, but extends only as far back as 2010. These records have been archived on this site, last updated on 24 April 2018.

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In addition to including this data in the integrated AMEND Database, we provide them in CSV format below.

Data table: VisibleGovernment

For brevity, a random sample of 10 rows from the enforcement table is shown below for illustration as to the table’s form and content.

Calendar Year Employee Name Job Title Earnings ($) Seniority (yrs since 2004)
2007 Smith, Clifford M Dpty Dir Office Resrch & Stnds 88748.0 3
2004 Dang, Kristine Ngoc Contracted Student Interns   0
2016 Kiley, Mary Catherine Environmental Analyst V 104977.86 12
2008 Ferlisi, Vincent A Environmental Analyst IV 72752.0 4
2016 Vigeant, Paul D Environmental Analyst IV 91554.2 12
2015 Dulmaine, Gary P Environmental Analyst IV 85577.71 11
2016 Barba, Linda A Environmental Analyst III 83710.27 12
2005 Motamedi, Saadi Environmental Analyst V 74102.0 1
2008 Abell, Michael W Environmental Analyst III 54874.0 4
2007 Patel, Purvi Environmental Engineer II 40043.0 1